LoL PBE patch leaks fierce new skins for Talon, Vi, and more


The PBE has leaked a new skinline known as “Primal Ambush” for League of Legends. The champions Talon, Riven, Vi, and Sivir will be joining the hunt, with the possibility of other champions being included as well.

 The leaked skins transform the champions into cat-like beasts, complete with tribal markings. As this is a new skinline, the full models have not yet been showcased, but they are expected to feature battle-tested, tattered outfits that highlight their primordial viciousness.

The Primal Ambush skins will be available for Talon, Riven, Vi, and Sivir. The PBE update also indicates that borders will accompany these icons, though it is unclear if they will be released in a purchasable bundle or via an unannounced event pass.

While these skins have not yet been officially revealed, they are unlikely to be released alongside Patch 14.1. The arrival of the Primal Ambush skins to live servers will most likely be in Patch 14.2, which is expected to release around January 17th.

League players can look forward to the start of Season 2024 on January 10th, introducing massive changes to Summoner’s Rift, an overhaul to itemization, and a handful of other alterations to the game’s mechanics.

The Primal Ambush skins are a highly anticipated addition to League of Legends. Fans are eagerly awaiting their release, which aligns with the excitement surrounding the start of Season 2024 and the changes it will bring to the game.

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