Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Leaked Insights into Symbiotes and Removed Features

The leak has revealed cut content that was intended to be included in the game before the developers changed plans. Many Symbiotes, including Riot, were allegedly planned to appear together as a team.

The data mining pointed out that Venom was apparently intended to appear in Act 2 instead of the final act. The game story was pivoted towards focusing on Kraven and Venom instead.

The leaked models have confirmed that the Life Foundation would have also been present in some form in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, thus featuring a drastically different story. The in-dev models of each symbiote, including Agony, Riot, Phage, and Lasher by Visceral, were revealed.

Featuring all the symbiotes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was likely too burdensome for the developers. That’s why Insomniac Games made huge changes to the story and abandoned them besides Venom, Scream, and Anti-Venom. Over 90% of voice lines recorded for Venom were also cut from the final version of the game.

The rest of the content might appear in one of the upcoming DLCs for the game or in the rumored Marvel’s Venom. However, these are just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Last year, Insomniac Games was breached by a ransomware group, which had dire effects. A dev PC build was allegedly leaked, resulting in users creating a complete unofficial PC port already. The studio’s upcoming projects and complete release timeline have also appeared online.

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