Max Verstappen, F1 champion was disqualified from a sim race

By- Alex

Max Verstappen, a two-time Formula 1 World Champion, was disqualified from a sim race on iRacing.

Verstappen was involved in a controversial incident where he was hit from behind by Sven-Ole Haase, causing a collision with teammate Diogo Pinto.

Verstappen quickly regained control and rejoined the race with the intention of making a statement.

He took an off-track shortcut to catch up to Haase and rammed him off the track into the barriers during a braking maneuver.

The commentator observed Verstappen's actions and noted that Haase was not his friend after the incident.

 A video clip showed that Haase had nudged Verstappen earlier, but Verstappen's attempt to steer clear was hindered by a netcode issue known as 'magnet tires.'

 Haase sought revenge on the track without realizing Verstappen's netcode issues.

The commentator criticized Verstappen's overreaction, leading to his disqualification from the race.

Verstappen's disqualification highlights the unforgiving nature of virtual racing, even for real-world champions.