Microsoft Confirms New Nintendo Switch Model in development

By- Alex

Microsoft's court ruling in the FTC case against its acquisition of Activision Blizzard King mentions an unreleased Nintendo Switch model currently in development.

The ruling suggests that the next Nintendo console may be an iterative version of the Switch rather than a completely new successor.

The ruling cites contractual provisions about unforeseeable future events and Microsoft's commitment to making Call of Duty available on the in-development Nintendo Switch model.

A reliable leaker revealed updates to Nintendo's developer portal that indicated support for a new Switch model referred to as "NX 2".

The updates to the Software Development Kit (SDK) and installer/downloader tool suggested that the public unveiling of the Switch successor may be approaching.

Nintendo previously mentioned its plans for a smooth transition for existing Switch users to its successor via the Nintendo Account.

Nintendo's President and CEO, Shuntaro Furukawa, stated that the company considers various aspects of future hardware specifications without providing specific details.

The confirmation of a new Nintendo Switch model, possibly the "Pro" version, aligns with previous rumors and speculation.

More information about the features, release date, and pricing of the new Switch model is yet to be announced by Nintendo.