Microsoft Reveals Project Q PlayStation Handheld Price

By- Alex

Microsoft claims during its hearing with the FTC that Sony's upcoming handheld, Project Q, will be priced below $300.

Project Q's existence was confirmed during the PlayStation Showcase, and it is a departure from Sony's previous handheld consoles.

Unlike its predecessors, Project Q will not have dedicated games but will focus on streaming PS5 games remotely.

Reports suggest that Project Q may have been in development since 2015 but ended up as a streaming device after eight years, intensifying disappointment among fans.

Some players believe that Sony rushed the development of Project Q to compete with other handheld consoles in the market.

However, Project Q is not seen as a direct competitor to consoles like Valve's Steam Deck, Asus's ROG Ally, and Logitech's G Cloud due to its limited game library.

Rumors circulating about Project Q's battery life, potentially being only 3-4 hours, raise concerns among players.

The launch of Project Q is rumored to be in November 2023, and Sony is expected to provide more details about the handheld in the coming months.

The success and reception of Project Q remain uncertain, as players await more information and clarification from Sony regarding its features and functionality.