Microsoft’s Cross-Platform Vision: Xbox Games for All

During Microsoft’s recent annual shareholders meeting, CEO Satya Nadella confirmed the company’s plans to release Xbox first party games across all platforms, including PlayStation and Nintendo consoles.

Nadella expressed excitement about everything that’s going on in gaming, especially with the closing of the Activision Blizzard King acquisition deal. He stated that Microsoft now has the ability to build great games and deliver them to players across all platforms.

The platforms include Xbox and consoles, PCs, and now even mobile gaming and cloud gaming.

Nadella highlighted the “tremendous synergy” between the gaming business and what the company is doing up and down the AI stack. He emphasized that Microsoft is not a conglomerate, but has one platform that it expresses through multiple, different addressable markets. 

Nadella stated that gaming is going to be more strategic to the company, especially considering the same set of transistors that were first used for graphics are now being used for AI.

 Earlier, multiple sources had indicated that Xbox is looking to foray into third party development, with ports of several first party titles rumored to arrive on PS5 and Nintendo Switch 2. Today, the Microsoft CEO appears to have hinted at these rumors being true.

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