Mountaintop’s ‘Spectre’: The Next Big Thing in Competitive Shooters

‘Spectre’, a new competitive shooter, is being developed by Mountaintop Studios, founded by Nate Mitchell, a co-founder of Oculus. The team comprises former developers from Riot, Blizzard, Naughty Dog, Epic, Respawn, Ubisoft, and Raven.

Mountaintop Studios is aiming to create a game with “10,000 hours of depth”, drawing inspiration from anime, manga, and comics.

In 2021, the studio raised $30 million in round A funding for its player-vs-player games.

Spectre introduces a unique feature called ‘Duality’, which allows players to control two bodies in the game, creating a high-skill gap game.

Currently in its 3rd alpha playtest, Spectre has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Despite similarities to other round-based competitive shooters like CS:GO and Valorant, the Duality mechanic sets it apart.

The game features eight individual characters with unique abilities, making it appealing to fans of games like Valorant.

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