MrBeast promises to give all of his Twitter revenue in a new competition

By- Alex

YouTube star Jimmy "MrBeast" announced a competition on Twitter where the comment with the highest number of likes in 48 hours would win all the revenue generated from his Twitter handle for the next month.

The competition has garnered a significant response, with numerous users participating and popular streamers like ohnePixel and Ranboo reacting to the competition.

Currently, Arkunir, a French Football Manager 2023 streamer, is leading the competition with over 48K likes on his comment, which consists of just a single dot.

If Arkunir wins, he plans to donate all the revenue earned to the non-governmental organization 30millionsdamis, which supports animals in need.

Pulte, a self-proclaimed Twitter philanthropist, is in a closely contested second place with around 31K likes on his comment, stating that he will give all the revenue to random people who like his tweet.

MrBeast's tweet has attracted over 3.5K comments so far, with the number continuing to grow.

The competition showcases MrBeast's knack for engaging his audience and his willingness to give back through creative challenges.