New GTA 6 Details Revealed by Ex-Rockstar Employee: possibility of new weapons 

By- Alex

 A Rockstar Games employee accidentally leaked their involvement in GTA 6 and shared new details about the game.

Despite high anticipation, Rockstar has been tight-lipped about GTA 6's development.

The employee, Sayan Saha, updated his LinkedIn bio to mention his work on GTA 6

Although he later deleted the GTA 6 references, screenshots of his bio reveal his involvement in the game.

Saha worked on over 500 in-game 2D assets for GTA 6, including 25 unique brands.

His work includes labels for chainsaws, fire extinguishers, electric boards, boat motors, and car engines.

This suggests that GTA 6 will feature chainsaws and fire extinguishers as weapons, potentially adding fun gameplay elements.

Saha also worked on signage, generic clutter, and interior items to enhance detail and immersion in GTA 6.

These accidental leaks provide fans with new insights into the development and content of GTA 6, fueling excitement for the game's eventual release.