New Honkai Star Rail 4-star characters leak: Hanya, Xueyi, and Guinaifein

By- Alex

Honkai Star Rail leaks reveal upcoming gacha-only characters, including three new 4-star characters starting from version 1.3.

 The leaked characters include Hanya, Xueyi, and Guinaifen.

Guinaifen is a Fire Element character from the Xianzhou Luofu region, built as a Fire DPS with Shields and a "Burning" debuff on foes.

Hanya is a Physical Element character with the Path of The Harmony, functioning as a support-DPS hybrid unit, generating Skill Points for the team.

Xueyi is a Quantum Element character with the Path of The Destruction, serving as a Quantum DPS with AoE damage and the ability to lower foes' Tenacity.

 The leaked information is based on a tweet from user Inima__1 (HSR_stuff1) and Mai, but it may change in the final version.

Players can expect these characters to be available through the gacha system, adding to the excitement of the game's future updates.