Next Metro Title is a Single-Player VR Game - Rumour

The Metro series has been relatively silent since the release of Exodus in 20191. This post-apocalyptic franchise has been a strong contender in the gaming world since its debut in 20101

Months ago, it was revealed that the next big Metro game was in a playable state, with some details about the story and its beginning

Recent claims suggest that the next game will be a single-player VR project called Metro Awakening12. This game is due to be revealed in the coming days1

There were previous claims that the next Metro game would be an open-world multiplayer title. However, the latest rumors suggest it’s going to be revealed as an intense, horrifying VR game

The game reportedly starts the player off in a dream sequence, where you’ll then wake up at your base of operations1. The title for the next game, Metro Awakening, aligns well with this storyline1

Given the choice between a VR game, suspected to be a PSVR 2 exclusive, and an open-world, post-apocalyptic title, it’s clear which option the series’ fans would prefer1. However, it’s been almost five years since the last game, and what’s coming addresses a niche market that’s still evolving

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