Numerous European Stores Reportedly Cease Stocking Physical Xbox Games

 Several European retailers have reportedly stopped stocking physical Xbox games due to low sales, as reported by’s  Christopher Dring.

The Xbox console is predominantly digital, with most users downloading games. This shift doesn’t benefit retailers much, as the margin on hardware is often small.

 Claims suggest that Microsoft has closed the internal departments responsible for bringing physical games to market, indicating a strategic shift towards digital gaming.

Leaked legal documents reveal plans for an “adorably all digital” Xbox Series X console codenamed ‘Brooklin’, targeting a November 2024 launch and a $499 price point.

Certain AAA games have 80%+ digital shares on Xbox, according to Daniel Ahmad, director of research and insights at Niko Partners. This trend is indicative of the next generation of gaming.

Some high-profile games, such as Alan Wake 2 and Hellblade 2, are only available to download, further emphasizing the shift towards digital gaming.

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