Overwatch 2 New Hero and Flashpoint Map teased

By- Alex

Aaron Keller from Blizzard has provided more details about the new hero and game mode in Overwatch 2 Season 6.

The new hero is being kept a secret, but hints have been given through a piece of art depicting their backstory.

The art shows the hero in the center of a mysterious machine, assumed to be the source of her powers.

A full reveal of the new Overwatch 2 hero is guaranteed to occur before the Season 6 update.

Keller shared a hand-drawn image showcasing the Flashpoint game mode, although it may not fully represent the map.

Flashpoint features two spawn points for each team and five objectives, with the central point always being the first active point.

The concept of Flashpoint is to apply the Overwatch 2 gameplay loop to a larger map.

Season 6 will introduce PvE story missions in Overwatch 2, which has caused controversy due to being behind a paywall.

Overall, fans can look forward to new hero details, the Flashpoint game mode, and PvE story missions in Overwatch 2 Season 6.