Overwatch 2 Season 6 - Invasion release date, support hero, modes, maps, and more

By- Alex

 Blizzard Entertainment has announced the first details about Overwatch 2 Season 6, called "Invasion."

The official release date for Overwatch 2 Season 6 has not been announced, but fans expect it to arrive on August 15, 2023, based on previous seasonal schedules.

 Season 6 will coincide with Overwatch's Anniversary, likely featuring a celebratory event.

The roadmap for Season 6 includes updates to the Firing Range and player progression system.

A new support Hero will be introduced in Season 6, although specific details about the Hero have not been revealed yet.

A new core mode called Flashpoint will also be introduced, possibly featuring a new map.

Story Missions, which were previously scrapped, will make a return in Season 6, focusing on preventing a global invasion by the Null Sector.

The Story Missions will take place in various locations and will offer an in-depth storyline and complex objectives.

 A Hero Mastery system will be introduced, allowing players to progress and unlock rewards for individual Heroes.