Palworld Devs Had ‘Emergency Meeting’ With Epic Games

Amid its growing popularity, Palworld developers are addressing connectivity issues with the game following a meeting with the Epic Games team.

The studio behind the recent hit Palworld met with Epic Games following a connectivity issue for players. Amid this surge in numbers, some of the player base faced connectivity issues, restricting its multiplayer functionality.

Less than a day into release, Palworld’s servers are already seemingly struggling to keep up with the demand. It doesn’t help that a lack of dedicated servers has restricted Xbox Palworld players to four players on co-op.

In a tweet, Pocketpair stated that it had an emergency meeting with the Epic Games team regarding connectivity issues after Palworld crossed 700,000 concurrent players. The team promptly released an update to the Epic Games backend, with Pocketpair confirming the patch will resolve the connectivity errors for Palworld players when “hosting co-op games on Xbox and PC.”

The patch comes at an apt time for the game, particularly considering the growing popularity of Palworld in a span of 24 hours. At the time of writing, Palworld has crossed 855,000 concurrent players on Steam and is now one of the top ten most-played games on the platform in terms of all-time peak player count.

It will be interesting to see how the game will sustain its popularity after the initial hype. Pokemon fans have already expressed their displeasure at Palworld, alleging the studio ripped off Game Freak’s monster designs. However, this criticism doesn’t seem to have slowed down the current demand for Palworld either way.

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