Palworld Reaches 1.8 Million Concurrent Players on Steam

Palworld has officially passed 1,864,000 concurrent players on Steam, surpassing Counter-Strike 2’s all-time peak of 1,818,000 players. The game managed to sell 1 million copies within just 8 hours of its launch.

The game’s popularity even broke Palworld’s servers, prompting an emergency meeting with Epic Games to resolve the issue.

Palworld has practically broken the internet, with an intense new fandom. However, the developers reportedly received death threats over Palworld’s similarities to Pokémon, leading to heated online debates.

Some fans embraced the similarities between Palworld and Pokémon, and even made their own extensive Pokémon mod featuring familiar characters. However, Nintendo has already issued DMCA takedowns for that mod.

One fan began working on new trading cards that resemble the Pokémon TCG, further demonstrating the game’s impact on its player base.

Palworld’s enormous success might also be a testament to the growing unrest among Pokémon fans, who have been divided over recent installments in the flagship series. Despite this, Palworld continues to thrive, now trailing only behind PUBG’s 3 million concurrent player record on Steam

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