Palworld Universe Expands: Pocket Pair and KLab’s New Game Development

Mobile game company KLab has announced a joint venture with Palworld developer Pocket Pair to develop and operate a new game.

The game, described as “hybrid-casual”, will be released for smartphones. It aims to combine the simplicity of casual games with the longevity of online games.

The team plans to leverage their experience with mobile games geared towards the global market, implying a worldwide release for the new game.

The new game could potentially be related to the Palworld universe.

KLab is known for action-packed mobile titles like Bleach: Brave Souls and Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, while Pocket Pair is recognized for the thriving game Palworld.

Some fans have noted similarities between Palworld and Pokémon, leading to The Pokémon Company announcing plans to investigate the Palworld IP for infringement.

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