Pikmin 4 review: satisfying resource management game packed with humor and charm

By- Alex

Pikmin 4 is an anticipated resource management game with adorable visuals and dark humor.

Players will be part of the Rescue Corps, learning about Pikmin and exploring a mysterious planet.

The game involves repairing a spaceship, finding missing crewmates, and rescuing Captain Olimar.

Pikmin 4 features a satisfying gameplay loop with limited-time expeditions to explore and manage resources effectively.

Players command an army of Pikmin, each with unique abilities, adding a team-building strategy element.

The standout companion is Oatchi, the Rescue Pup, essential to the gameplay experience.

The game's four stages are dense and visually improved, with unique mechanics for each location.

Death is a significant part of the game, with Pikmin facing various perilous situations.

Pikmin 4 offers relaxed gameplay, time reversal ability, night expeditions, and Dandori Battles for extra challenges.

The game receives high praise for its humor, charm, and imaginative design.

 Overall, Pikmin 4 is a delightful and satisfying sequel, appealing to both series fans and newcomers.