PlayStation Insider Leaks PS5 Remaster of Original God of War Games

PlayStation is rumored to be remastering the original God of War trilogy for the PS5. This includes the 2005 PS2 game God of War, the 2007 PS2 game God of War II, and the 2010 PS3 game God of War III.

The rumor comes from Nick Baker, a source that typically operates in the Xbox sphere. Baker has expressed his love for the original God of War games and believes we might be getting the trilogy remastered on PlayStation.

While Baker is not 100% sure, he believes the remastered trilogy could be announced and released in 2024 or possibly 2025.

It’s unclear who is making the remaster. It could be remaster/remake specialists Bluepoint, or possibly Santa Monica Studio, the series’ creator and caretakers.

When asked if the collection will include God of War: Ascension, Baker isn’t sure, but notes it was described as the original trilogy, which suggests Ascension would be excluded.

As with all rumors, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Baker is typically a reliable source, but has been wrong in the past. This is the first we’ve heard of this rumor, but it is believable in an era where PlayStation is starting to remaster and remake its games more and more.

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