PlayStation’s Plans to Bring Palworld to PS5!

PlayStation is considering porting Pocket Pair’s Pokemon-like action adventure survival game, Palworld, to PS5.

Shuhei Yoshida, Head of Independent Developer Initiative at Sony Interactive Entertainment, responded positively to a question on Twitter about the possible release of a PS5 version of Palworld.

The Palworld development team was congratulated for selling over 1 million copies of the game in about 8 hours since release.

The Palworld Early Access launch FAQ mentions the possibility of a PS5 version of Palworld. Pocket Pair doesn’t have plans for a PS5 port at the moment, but will consider it during development.

Palworld has become the sixth game to surpass the 1 million concurrent player count on Valve’s PC platform, Steam, following the likes of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, Counter-Strike 2, Lost Ark, Dota 2, and Cyberpunk 2077.

Palworld is set in an open world inhabited by animal-like creatures called “Pals.” Players engage in battles to capture these Pals, utilizing them for tasks like base construction, traversal, and combat. The game supports both solo play and online multiplayer, accommodating up to 32 players on a single server.

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