Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mewtwo is coming to Tera Raids - Leak

By- Alex

Dataminers have discovered potential details about a future seven-star Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Tera Raids are an important post-game feature that Gamefreak regularly updates to keep players engaged

A Twitter user named mattyoukhana found in-game dialogue mentioning Mew and a formidable opponent.

 Data miner Sibuna_Switch further investigated and triggered the dialogue by modding the game.

By swapping a Chesnaught for a Mewtwo and sending a shiny Mew into battle, they observed special dialogue and buffs.

Mew could potentially receive the Mightiest Ribbon if it defeats Mewtwo in the raid.

The addition of Mewtwo to Pokemon Unite and plans for a shiny Mew event in Pokemon Go add credibility to the speculation

The Pokemon Company has a history of synchronizing events across multiple properties.

It's important to note that no official announcement has been made, and it's best to approach the information cautiously and not set high expectations.