Red Dead Redemption Remaster might get announced in August 2023

By- Alex

Speculation has grown within the gaming community about the possibility of a remaster or remake of Red Dead Redemption following a new rating from Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee

 An insider source has provided additional confirmation that a Red Dead Remaster is indeed in development, further fueling anticipation.

The recent re-rating of the game in 2023 has heightened fans' excitement for a potential remake or remaster.

 Colin Moriarty, former IGN editor and owner of Last Stand Media, hinted at the existence of a Red Dead Remaster during an episode of his podcast, Sacred Symbols.

 Moriarty claimed to have seen confirmation behind the scenes, indicating that the remaster is real and an official announcement may be forthcoming, potentially in August.

Moriarty's podcast episode discussing the remaster is available exclusively to subscribers of his Patreon.

Fans are eagerly awaiting further details and an official announcement, as the possibility of a Red Dead Remaster gains credibility.