Rick and Morty Creator Teases What's Next Following Major Character's Death



NOVEMBER 21, 2023

The story begins with the shocking revelation that in Season 7 Episode 5 of Rick and Morty, the long-hunted villain, Rick Prime, meets his demise, leaving fans in awe and anticipation.

Major Character's Demise:

Mixed reactions follow the introduction of new voice actors after the departure of Justin Roiland, but as the season progresses, opinions become more positive.

Mixed Reactions to New Voice Actors:

Episode 5 delivers a major canonical event, Rick Prime's death, promising significant consequences for the future of Rick and Morty.

Impactful Episode:

Creator Dan Harmon assures fans that Rick Prime's demise doesn't mean the end, emphasizing the narrative opportunities created by Rick losing his sense of purpose.

Harmon's Take on Rick's Fate:

Harmon explains that Rick's loss of purpose provides the writing team with rich material, exploring what happens when a character defined by revenge faces existential uncertainty.

Rick's Loss of Purpose:

Harmon reassures the audience that Rick and Morty's future is secure despite challenges, highlighting the looming threats of Evil Morty and the unexpected events in Season 7 Episode 6.

Reassurance and Future Threats:

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