Rise Of The Ronin Review Embargo Details Revealed

The review embargo for Rise of the Ronin is set to be lifted on March 21, 2024, a day before the game’s launch. Fans can look forward to hearing critics’ opinions on this 19th-century tale of the Boshin war.

The pre-load for Rise of the Ronin will go live on PlayStation Network on March 15, 2024. It will come with the latest update, version 1.001.001, pre-installed for those who pre-ordered a digital copy of the game.

A day one update may be rolled out closer to the game’s launch on March 22, 2024. Those who purchased the game on disc will need to download this update.

The download size of Rise of the Ronin is a hefty 96.343 GB, making it one of the biggest games on the PS5. Players with limited available space on their internal storage drive are advised to clear up some space in advance.

Rise of the Ronin allows players to create their own custom character and includes a diverse selection of weapons from the Boshin war era. Players can make choices that influence the narrative, aligning with or opposing different non-player characters.

The game takes players through historically significant cities and rural areas. It features various modes of transportation, such as horseback riding, grappling hooks, and gliders, for quicker traversal.

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