Rocket Racing leak reveals Death Race mode details.

Longtime Fortnite dataminer @BeastFNCreative leaked details about an upcoming Death Race mode in Rocket Racing. The mode will feature a new objective where players can make the track harder to complete by placing deadly objects.

Reliable leaker @iFireMonkey detected the mode last September. It was initially recognized as a playlist for “Del Mar”, which was later confirmed to be Rocket Racing.

@iFireMonkey discovered an unfinished ‘Wedge’ map for Death Race earlier this month. @BeastFNCreative also shared footage of the in-progress Wedge map on Twitter.

Fans speculate that the Death Race mode might be due sometime in early 2024. The developers have officially announced big plans for Season 1 in Rocket Racing, which will roll out in early 2024.

The addition of creator-made tracks would complement a Death Race mode where players can add their own obstacles. Both involve player creativity.

Fans seem divided on the Death Race mode as it veers away from traditional kart game modes. However, as Fortnite continues to expand, there are plenty of other opportunities later on.

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