Rockstar Mobile launcher leak: Codes discovered in GTA San Andreas mobile update

By- Alex

 Data miners have discovered details about a Rockstar mobile launcher and a paid subscription service in an update for GTA San Andreas on Android and iOS.

The code suggests that the launcher may integrate with GameClub APIs and libraries, as Rockstar recently acquired GameClub, a cloud-based provider of mobile games.

This acquisition hints at Rockstar's focus on subscription-based gaming for mobile devices, potentially impacting other developers like Groove Street Games.

 The launcher may be named Rockstar Mobile, and references to indicate a connection to the video game subscription service.

 The code suggests that the launcher will provide free access to previously purchased non-launcher titles by verifying proof of purchase.

The mobile version of the Rockstar games launcher is being developed by GameClub, as indicated by subdomains found in the update files.

Groove Street Games, the developers of the GTA Trilogy, may face challenges as the mobile versions of the game might be managed by GameClub.

Rockstar unintentionally revealed this information in the update, but later removed the code related to the launcher and mobile API logic.

The discovery suggests that Rockstar has plans for a mobile launcher and a subscription service but may not have intended to reveal them at this time.