Sekiro Anime Is An Ambitious Project; Will Be “Drawn”

The anime adaptation of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an ambitious project, according to rumors. This information was revealed by X (formerly known as Twitter) user @o_yms_.

Bibury Animation Studios might be involved in the project. This speculation is based on a reference GIF from the opening of the Magical Destroyer anime found in the tweet’s reply section.

 Kenichi Kutsuna, known for animating the opening of Magical Destroyers, might be enlisted for the Sekiro anime. The project will be drawn, unlike CGI-based projects like Tekken: Bloodline.

 The details shared are simply rumors and leaks and lack concrete official confirmation. It’s advised to approach this information cautiously.

The fusion of gaming and anime has proven to be a fertile ground for creative adaptations. An anime of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a critically acclaimed action-adventure game by FromSoftware, presents an enticing opportunity for the IP to grow.

The combination of Bibury Animation Studios, Kenichi Kutsuna’s potential involvement, and the allure of bringing Sekiro’s rich lore and intense combat to the anime format make this rumored project one to watch if it turns out to be real. However, it’s encouraged to keep expectations tempered and await official announcements.

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