Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date Window Seemingly Leaked By Actor

By- Alex

The release date window for the Silent Hill 2 Remake has potentially been leaked by Luke Roberts, the lead actor for the game's protagonist, James Sunderland.

A fan sent Roberts a direct message asking about the game's release date, and he responded by saying, "Early next year, I believe."

This conflicts with a previous leak from an Australian retailer that indicated a release date of September 29, 2023.

Roberts' response, considering his role in the game, suggests that the previous leak was false.

It has been confirmed that Bloober Team, the developers of the Silent Hill 2 Remake, are moving away from making psychological horror games.

The remake of Silent Hill 2 is seen as Bloober Team's big introduction to what they have planned for the future, which raises questions about the type of game it will be.

The leaked release window and Bloober Team's shift in game development approach create anticipation and uncertainty about the Silent Hill 2 Remake and what it will offer.