Sonic Origins Plus Introduces Super Amy: Amy Takes Center Stage in 2023

By- Alex

Amy fans have a reason to celebrate in 2023 as she will be playable in three Sonic games: Superstars, Frontiers, and Origins Plus.

Sonic Origins Plus introduces Amy's own Super form, making her a canon Super Amy after 30 years.

 Leaked gameplay footage revealed Amy's Super form in Sonic Origins Plus, showcasing her ability to use the Chaos Emeralds.

This development suggests that Amy may be able to access her Super form in 3D Sonic games as well.

The upcoming release of Sonic Frontiers, where Sonic transforms into Super Sonic to fight Titans, hints at the possibility of Amy's transformation.

Sonic Origins Plus and Sonic Superstars allow players to control Amy after years of absence, fulfilling the dreams of fans who have longed to play as the iconic character.

Amy's inclusion resonates with both younger fans who grew up with her and older fans who have followed her journey throughout the franchise.

If Amy is playable in these games, it suggests that other characters in the Sonic franchise may also need to tap into the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

This marks a significant turning point for Amy, who was previously sidelined, and showcases her importance and relevance in the Sonic universe.