Sonic X Shadow Generations: Possible Title for the Next Sonic Game

The next Sonic game may be titled “Sonic X Shadow Generations”, according to a post from Twitter user @Kurakasis. This title likely refers to the rumored Sonic Generations remaster.

 Reliable leaker @MbKKssTBhz5 noticed a corresponding website with the same name, mentioning Shadow. However, attempting to visit the site currently presents a 403 Error, indicating that the server is refusing access.

MbKKssTBhz5, who has accurately leaked ATLUS information before, recently claimed that a new Sonic spin-off game is in the works. This game may release by the end of 2024 and could feature gameplay inspired by Fall Guys.

The title “Sonic X Shadow Generations” has led to speculations among fans. It suggests that Sonic Generations’ big return may not be a straightforward remaster, and Shadow could receive their own additional story within the game.

Incorporating Shadow in the game would align with the third film in the successful live-action Sonic movie series, where Shadow will play a large role. The movie is currently slated for a December release.

Some fans expect a big Sonic announcement at PlayStation’s upcoming State of Play, which will premiere on January 31st at 2 PM pacific time.

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