Sony Aims for PlayStation 6 to Be the Top Console of Its Era; Only AMD Is Being Considered

Sony is planning to make the PlayStation 6 the most powerful console of its generation and is not afraid to take as much time as needed to achieve this goal.

A new video shared by RedGaming Tech provides updates on Sony’s next-generation system and the PlayStation 5 Pro. Third-party studios have started receiving dev kits recently, suggesting that Sony is going through with its PlayStation 5 upgrade.

The PlayStation 6 has been in the works for around one year, and its specs, like CPU and RAM, haven’t been finalized yet. Sony is talking with development studios to tweak the system, which is almost assuredly going to be powered by AMD technology.

While the system specifications have yet to be decided, Sony is set on making the PlayStation 6 the most powerful console of its generation. The console’s release window is said to be 2028

Sony is tripling down on ray tracing and path tracing, machine learning, and AI, especially in regards to NPCs’ interactions to offer innovative and advanced gaming experiences.

As the PlayStation 6 is still far from release, and the PlayStation 5 Pro is still unannounced, we have to take everything revealed in the video with a grain of salt. However, there are definitely some exciting times ahead, and it will be interesting to see how both Sony and Microsoft will handle their next-generation hardware.

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