Sony is Developing a New PlayStation Handheld Console

Sony may finally be set to rejoin the traditional handheld gaming market with a new PlayStation handheld console.

According to known hardware leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID), a non-streaming console is in the works at Sony that would natively support and play games.

In his report, MLID says the device will have a custom AMD APU that is “currently in the high level design phase” and is “at least two years out, and technically not greenlit for launch yet”. It’s also mentioned that, based on talking with developers, the new handheld could maintain native backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games while receiving a “pro-like patch” for PlayStation 5 titles.

The report does state that the device is still early in development, so things are likely to change. It’s also unclear about when this could possibly be revealed and/or released by Sony.

Lastly, MLID says that while he can confirm that the handheld is in development and AMD has the contract for the APU, the “exact specs” of the device are speculation on his part.

As of writing, we hasn’t been able to independently verify the legitimacy of the report. Until then, please, as with all rumors, take this with a grain of salt.

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