Sony is reportedly bringing Until Dawn to PS5 and PC

Until Dawn was already cinematic to begin with, and it even featured major Hollywood actors. This set a high bar for the immersive and engaging storytelling that the game is known for.

Supermassive Games didn’t stop at Until Dawn. They continued the trend with subsequent games, such as The Quarry, further pushing the boundaries of cinematic gaming.

Some fans have questioned the need for a movie based on such a cinematic game. After all, the game itself is already akin to an interactive movie.

Despite the skepticism, new performances and surely some new twists could make a movie adaptation of Until Dawn entertaining. It’s an opportunity to reimagine the game’s narrative in a new medium.

Since Supermassive Games confirmed a new movie is coming up, revisiting the source material would make a lot of sense. It’s a chance for fans and newcomers alike to experience the original game in a new light.

Dealabs added that an Until Dawn announcement for PlayStation 5 would also line up with the Death Stranding 2 news they reported. So, keep an eye on PlayStation’s next State of Play for exciting updates!

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