Sony’s Strategic Expansion: PS Plus Stepping into PC, Mobile, Browser, and TV

Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning to expand its PS Plus subscription service to PC, mobile, browser, and smart TV.

The company aims to make PS Plus the most exciting and desirable entertainment membership service globally by broadening distribution and creating new customer relationships.

Sony plans to create a services value proposition using third-party and first-party content that customers value. On PC, Sony aims to expand the addressable market and be a major driver of Live Service engagement of PlayStation Studios’ PC games.

The company intends to expand Game Streaming on mobile, TV, and browser to aid in the acquisition of more subscribers.

Sony plans to offer value to a wider variety of PlayStation players and enrich PS Plus via partnerships for entertainment variety and new possibilities in relation to game content.

 Since the introduction of the three PS Plus tiers, a third of the user base that is subscribed to the service has opted for the upper two tiers, namely PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium.

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