Starcraft 3 Is Possibly In Development

By- Alex

StarCraft 3, the next game in the StarCraft series, is reportedly in development at Blizzard.

Journalist Jez Corden confirmed this information in a Twitter reply, stating that Microsoft won't need to revive StarCraft.

 When asked specifically if it was StarCraft 3, Corden responded with a simple "Yep."

 Blizzard has been relatively quiet about the franchise since then, focusing on other projects like Overwatch and Diablo.

Given the recent releases in the Overwatch and Diablo series, it would make sense for Blizzard to turn their attention to the real-time strategy title.

StarCraft is an acclaimed series known for its deep strategy gameplay and competitive scene.

Fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting news of a new installment, and the reported development of StarCraft 3 is likely to generate excitement.