Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Is Rocksteady’s Biggest Game Yet “Story-Wise”

“Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League” is Rocksteady Studios’ biggest game yet “story-wise”. The game has already split the gaming industry before its release.

The studio plans to support players who show their support and continue the adventure. A lot of post-launch content is planned for the first year that will be completely free for people who own the game.

The upcoming post-launch content will include new story missions, collectibles, gear, locations, outfits, and new members of the Suicide Squad. Each new member will feature their own unique mechanics and they’ll be unlockable for all players for free.

The game has been doused in controversy ever since its details spilled into the gaming scene. It amassed a lot of backlash because it features deep live service elements. However, the devs recently lifted the veil of NDA for the closed alpha test to combat the other inimical rumors.

Despite the onslaught of mundane reviews from many outlets, a lot of the testers only had positive remarks for the title.

The game releases on February 2, 2024, for PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. The ultra 4K 60 fps experience does not require the latest RTX 4000 series GPU but players are advised to secure a RTX 3080 before the entry releases.

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