Tekken 8: Bandai Namco’s Accidental Leak Reveals First DLC Character

Bandai Namco may have accidentally leaked the identity of the first Tekken 8 DLC character through a prematurely uploaded reveal and gameplay trailer on their YouTube playlist.

Despite the video being quickly removed, a hidden, unavailable video remains on Bandai Namco’s YouTube page, suggesting something is queued for a reveal.

The hidden video could potentially be a launch trailer for the game, which is scheduled to drop in the coming weeks.

The character revealed in the surmised leak is Josie Rizal, a young, emotional kickboxer first introduced in Tekken 7. Despite her tearful demeanor, players generally appreciated her presence.

A screenshot of the alleged title for the now-hidden video, ‘TEKKEN 8 – DLC 1 Josie Rizal Reveal & Gameplay Trailer’, sparked a debate among fans about which characters should be introduced in Tekken 8.

 Release Date:  The full game, Tekken 8, is set to be released on January 26.

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