The Finals Season 2 Release Date & Everything New

The Finals Season 2, a free-to-play arena shooter from Embark Studios, is set to launch on March 14, 2024. This hacking-themed season promises to bring a host of new content and features to the game.

One of the biggest additions in The Finals Season 2 is the new Hacker Playstyle. Players can step into the role of the rogue hacking collective CNS, which comes with its own set of gadgets and abilities that can be mixed and matched with the existing toolset.

The Hacker Playstyle allows players to manipulate the arena in various ways. They can remove walls, defy gravity, tunnel across the map, and even transform objects, adding a new layer of strategy and creativity to the game.

The Finals Season 2 introduces a brand new map called SYS$HORIZON, a glitchy, neon-filled cityscape featuring a mix of vertical and horizontal gameplay. Season 2 also brings a new 5v5 game mode called Power Shift, where two teams compete to escort a platform through the arena.

The Hacker Playstyle comes with its own set of gadgets. The Dematerializer temporarily erases physical surfaces, the Anti-Gravity Cube manipulates gravity in an area, the Gateway creates portals for quick travel, and the Data Reshaper transforms objects into something else entirely.

The Finals is available for free on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Whether you’re a seasoned contestant or a newcomer to the arena, The Finals Season 2 promises to deliver an amazing experience. Jump into the arena and join the hacking mayhem in Season 2.

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