The Journey of the ‘Frozen Dead Guy’ to the Haunted Stanley Hotel

The historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, has hosted everyone from Theodore Roosevelt to Stephen King. It’s where King was inspired to write “The Shining”. The hotel was in bankruptcy when John Cullen decided to invest in it.

Cullen capitalized on the hotel’s ghoulish reputation. He fixed up Stephen King’s actual room, #217, and built a hedge maze right out front.

In 2022, Cullen asked for permission to allow a very special guest to check in – a man who’d been frozen for 30-plus years. His name was Bredo Morstøl, who died in Norway in 1989 but his remains ended up in Nederland, Colorado.

Bredo’s grandson, Trygve Bauge, believed that by keeping his grandfather frozen, doctors of the future might one day be able to revive him. This is an experiment in cryonics.

 Bredo Morstøl was celebrated with an annual “Frozen Dead Guy” festival, complete with a parade, coffin races, and a polar bear swim. The festival eventually moved to the Stanley Hotel due to its popularity.

With his grandson’s permission, Grandpa Bredo was moved by a team from Alcor, submerged head-first in liquid nitrogen, and is now the centerpiece of a small exhibit at the Stanley on the science of cryonics.

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