The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered Leaked

Days ahead of the game’s official release, a Redditor claims to have bought “The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered”. They’ve uploaded various gameplay videos and a photo showing six different in-game skins for Ellie, Abby, and Dina.

The Redditor has played the new game mode, “No Return”, a roguelike mode that Naughty Dog has introduced with the remaster.

The game is set to feature various characters, including those that weren’t ever playable before in the franchise, such as Tommy, Lev, Dina, Jesse, and more. The Redditor uploaded footage where they’re seen playing “No Return” as Tommy.

“No Return” doesn’t have a story mode. It’s described as fun, with character skills, different enemies, and even bosses.

The characters in “No Return” will feel fairly different in terms of gameplay. Each character starts with a different weapon, skill branch, and craftables. Some characters can’t dodge but are harder to stun with melees.

“The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered” is slated to launch on January 19, 2024, for the PlayStation 5. Naughty Dog’s Senior Character Artist recently spoke highly of the “No Return” mode, emphasizing its stressfulness and challenge.

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