The PlayStation 3 Still Has Almost 2 Million Monthly Users

Despite being released in 2006, the PlayStation 3 still has nearly 2 million monthly active players as of February 2024, according to a recent Insomniac leak.

The PS3’s extensive game library is a likely reason for its continued use. Neither the PS4 nor the PS5 offer backwards compatibility with PS3 games, leaving many games accessible only on the original system.

Many PS3 classics have been brought to modern PlayStation consoles, including first-party games like The Last of Us and third-party favorites like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Grand Theft Auto 5

In addition to its own library, the PS3 also offered backwards compatibility with PS1 and PS2 games. For anyone wanting to play games from Sony’s first two systems, the PS3 might still be the best option.

The digital storefront for the PS3 remains open, allowing owners to still buy games digitally on the system. This accessibility likely contributes to the console’s continued use.

The PlayStation 3’s enduring popularity demonstrates the long-term enjoyment gamers derive from their systems. Its extensive game library, backwards compatibility, and open digital storefront all contribute to its continued relevance in the gaming world.

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