The Return of the Travis Scott Skin in Fortnite:

In early December 2023, a notable Fortnite leaker found evidence that several vaulted skins, including Travis Scott, were added to the game’s Test Item Shop backend. This suggests that Travis Scott cosmetics could potentially return at some point during Chapter 5.

The Travis Scott skin is believed to have been removed from Fortnite’s item shop in November 2021 out of sensitivity following the tragedy at the Astroworld Festival. Epic Games has not explicitly stated this was the reason for its removal.

Despite the extended absence of Travis Scott cosmetics, the rapper has not been outright banned from Fortnite. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney stated on Twitter that “Travis Scott is welcome in Fortnite.” However, it’s unclear as to whether and when his highly-coveted skin will return.

Travis Scott remains one of the most popular artists to be featured in Fortnite. The Travis Scott Astronomical event in 2020 drew over 12 million concurrent players, shattering Fortnite records at the time. Demand for the skin remains incredibly high.

The re-introduction of the Travis Scott Fortnite skin remains shrouded in mystery. With no set return date, fans can only continue to eagerly await official word from Epic Games.

Persistent leaks and rumors signal there’s a chance the iconic cosmetic could once again appear in the item shop in early 2024. Fans are waiting to see if one of the rarest skins in Fortnite history finally makes its long-awaited comeback.

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