The title of Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game may have leaked

The title of Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones game, “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” may have leaked ahead of a planned reveal this month.

Lucasfilm registered several domains for “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” including one that specifically refers to it as a game.

Lucasfilm filed a trademark in Europe two years ago for “The Great Circle,” listing video games as one of the goods and services it’s intended to be used on.

Announced in January 2021, Indiana Jones is in development at MachineGames, the Swedish studio behind the modern Wolfenstein titles.

Microsoft confirmed that MachineGames will unveil the action-adventure game during an Xbox and Bethesda presentation on January 18, with more than 10 minutes of game and developer insights.

The game, originally set to come to PlayStation too, will now be an Xbox and PC exclusive, and a day-one release on Game Pass. Bethesda game director Todd Howard described its genre as a unique mash-up.

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