The upcoming Halo game is set to be accessible to players on all platforms.

The next entry in Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries’ Halo series will be available “for all players, on all platforms”.

A job listing for the position of Lead Game Systems Designer at 343 Industries indicates that the next Halo game will focus on achieving a high-quality, cohesive experience for all players, on all platforms.

The mention of all players and all platforms has led to speculation that the next Halo title could arrive on PS5 or Nintendo Switch 2.

Recent rumors suggest that Xbox may be looking to go third party, with insiders claiming that Hi-fi Rush and Starfield, major Xbox titles, could be ported to competing platforms.

The possibility of Halo Infinite being released on PS5 has been discussed, with insiders stating that the next Halo entry could potentially be multiplatform.

The shift to an engine routinely used to ship games on PlayStation, such as Unreal Engine, could facilitate this strategy shift.

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