Third Star Wars Jedi Game is in development, suggests a new Job Lisiting

By- Alex

Development for a third game in the Star Wars Jedi series has potentially begun, as Respawn has started hiring for the project.

Job postings for positions like principal game writer and senior VFX artists indicate the early stage of development for the new game.

 It is expected that the third game will not be released for a couple of years, considering the release dates of Jedi Fallen Order (2019) and Jedi Survivor (2023).

The Jedi series was always planned as a trilogy, with all three games in the series mapped out prior to the release of Jedi Fallen Order.

Jedi Survivor received the green light before the release of Fallen Order, suggesting that the third game may have also been approved.

Jedi Survivor had a relatively short development time of 3 years, which is less than the average for AAA titles. Considering this timeline, it is possible that the third game could be released around 2026 or 2027.

Fans can anticipate the continuation of the Jedi series and the conclusion of the planned trilogy in the upcoming third game.