Top 5 most followed TikTok accounts in 2023

By- Alex

While some TikTokers' follower counts have stopped growing or even dropped slightly in 2023, the overall influence and impact of a few on the platform remain significant.

 Khaby Lame is the most-followed TikTok account with 161.3 million followers. He gained popularity through reaction videos and has overtaken famous TikTokers like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio.

Charli D’Amelio is in second place with 151 million followers. She rose to fame with dance choreography videos and has achieved impressive milestones such as appearing in a Super Bowl commercial and being the first to reach 10 billion likes on TikTok.

 Bella Poarch is the third most-followed TikToker with 92.6 million followers. She gained fame in a short period and has appeared in music videos, fashion shows, and is a brand ambassador for HyperX.

Addison Rae is in fourth place with 88.5 million followers. Known for her dance choreography, she has built a large following and ventured into other opportunities like YouTube, acting, and launching her own products.

 MrBeast ranks fifth with 84.3 million followers. As a popular YouTuber, he has gained significant traction on TikTok through viral trends and challenges, and is known for his philanthropic projects and large-scale videos.

These top TikTokers have amassed immense followings in a short period, showcasing the global reach and popularity of the platform.