Unending Dawn – a new ARPG game where Genshin Impact Meets Elden Ring

By- Alex

Mobile gamers eagerly await the release date of the ARPG game Unending Dawn, developed by Parcaes Fate Studio on Unreal Engine 5.

Inspired by Genshin Impact and Elden Ring, Unending Dawn is described as an anime Soulsborne game.

The game is expected to be released on Android, iOS, and PC, with a likelihood of a mobile release first due to the UI seen in the trailer.

The availability of English voice acting and worldwide release is currently unknown.

The gameplay trailer showcases an anime character exploring an open world and engaging in combat with soldiers, reminiscent of Elden Ring.

The game's setting appears to be a combination of Limgrave and Caelid, with soldiers resembling Godrick Soldiers.

Gameplay mechanics include wall climbing similar to Genshin Impact and BotW, as well as a Deathblow mechanic reminiscent of Sekiro and Dark Souls.

Two boss fights are shown in the trailer, featuring a demonic scorpion with a metallic body and a lady utilizing butterfly attacks.

Flashy and powerful ultimate-like moves are also displayed in the game's combat.