Valorant: Agent 25 - New Release Date, Abilities, Leaks

The release date for Agent 25 in Valorant has been confirmed to be March 24th. This is contrary to the usual pattern of new characters being introduced with each new Episode and Act.

Leaks have confirmed that Agent 25 will be a controller in Valorant. This will be the 6th controller in the game, suggesting that the new character’s playstyle will involve helping the team by obstructing enemy vision and manipulating enemy movement through choke points.

There is currently no confirmed information about the name or nationality of Agent 25. Some leakers guess the character will be called Smokedancer. Leaks suggest the use of female pronouns, indicating a possibility that the character may be a woman.

A purple and pink theme, paired up with butterflies, has been rumored for Agent 25.

Details about Agent 25’s abilities are still unknown. However, as the character is confirmed to be a controller, we can expect them to focus on assisting teammates by manipulating vision, controlling areas, and interacting with the map

With the last agent, Iso, joining the lineup in October 2023, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Agent 25. The leaks and rumors have only added to the excitement and anticipation for the new character.

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