Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle - weapon skins, price, release date, more

By- Alex

Valorant Neo Frontier collection features captivating and interesting skins.

The skins blend old-school aesthetics with futuristic elements, transforming as they level up.

Each weapon in the bundle has its own unique animation, enhancing the visual experience.

The bundle includes skins for the Phantom, Odin, Marshal, Sheriff, and Axe Melee.

At levels 1-2, the skins will feature an old-school look, but as they level up, they will transform into a more futuristic neo-look.

The expected price for the bundle is 8700 Valorant Points (VP), with individual skins priced at 2175 VP each.

The release date for the Valorant Neo Frontier bundle is anticipated to be June 27th with the release of Episode 7 Act 1.