Valorant New Agent Leak: Release Date, Abilities & More

Valorant, the popular tactical shooter game, is set to introduce a new agent named “Smokedancer”. This new character is expected to have visually appealing aesthetics and abilities that involve hypnotizing pink smoke.

According to leaks from Kingdom Laboratories, a well-known Valorant dataminer, Smokedancer is likely to be launched on March 6, 2024. This will mark the introduction of the first new agent in the year 2024.

Smokedancer’s abilities are anticipated to be unique and flashy, involving the use of pink-colored smoke. As a Controller, Smokedancer’s abilities will likely be centered around obscuring enemy vision and controlling space on the battlefield.

Based on the name and theme, Smokedancer is expected to have a costume inspired by dancers, featuring bright pink hues. The overall visual design of the agent has been described as “cool and flashy” by data miners.

Smokedancer will be the first new Controller since Harbor was introduced in October 2022. The addition of Smokedancer will be a welcome change for players who enjoy the tactical playstyle of smoking off areas and dictating engagement zones.

There’s a lot of speculation about Smokedancer’s origins and theme due to the limited information available. Some fans theorize that Smokedancer may originate from the same kingdom as Reyna, while others believe they could continue the theme of characters with animal motifs.

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